Thursday, August 07, 2008

Leave Them Kids Alone!

Say hello to India's very own Macaulay Culkin ( I hope I spelt that right ), Darsheel Safary (this too). The TZP ( Taare Zameen Par ) has been catapulted to success ever since the film was a hit and something keeps coming about him in the tabloids every other day.

The other day Bangalore Times ran an article about Darsheel having superstar status at his school and how he has started having starry airs already. Not that I'm jealous or anything ( cant be actually... nobody will give a fuck if I sneeze or catch a cold or make statements ), but I kind of pity these kids. They become prey for the media and papparazzi. In this process, they sacrifice so much of their childhood (which according to me is the best time in your life and I think everyone will concur) unkowingly. Instead of playing with his freinds, going out for movies, catching the school bus, gettting punished at school, playing video games on his PS3 or shitbox360, he ( his manager ) will be making deals with TV channels, ad agencies and producers and will be troubled with people who will expect him to boost TRP, box office revenues etc. He has to deliver or some other kid gets picked up.

For that matter even shows like "panchvi pass..... " etc are guilty. What society and media fail to realize here is these "STAR" kids are growing up much faster than they are supposed too. They will see the uglyness of the world too soon. They will be expected to deliver and constantly improve what they do. If they fail they are dropped. They will be exposed to so much uglyness for which they are not prepared.

Call me dystopian but the world out there is a pretty fucked up place. Sometimes Ignorance is really bliss. I cant comprehend what would have happened to me if I knew as much stuff as I know today about people, the world etc when I was 12 or 13. These transition years are really precious and these star kids are getting robbed of their right to live these years in the way they want.

"Hannah Montana" star Miley Cyrus is already on the way to follow her predecessors. (Lindsay, Britney..... )

The effect this has on their minds and thought process is very clear. See what has happened to the other "STAR" kids. Lindsay Lohan, Mcaulay Culkin are all examples. I fear that Darsheel will also be another victim in the hands of profiteering marketers, television producers and papprazzi magazines. I fear that one day we might hear of him overdosing on some substance or doing something unthinkable. The media will cash on that too... We will be bombarded with segments which will recall his rise to stardom etc.....

Southpark had made an amazing parody of this in their 12th season i guess. The episode is a must watch for people who think the same. It was called "Britney's new look" and was released around Feb i guess.

Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe its just generation gap. Maybe when our parents see us freaking out with freinds, aping rockstars they might feel confused. Maybe when I was playing video games my parents would be worried about me losing the pleasure of playing sports or games with freinds.... I really dont know. Only time will tell.

PS. I wanted to align the photos but its taking too much time.... and Im lazy to edit the HTML.. so apologies....

My first Freelance work

Some buddies and I got together and designed a small website for Colgate Palmolive and Barbara Smith. This work was outsourced to us from Uni World Group. The good news is that it has gone live.

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I would love to receive any feedback that you people might have.

NOTE: - We never designed any creatives. The designers had created the creatives in Photoshop. We converted the creatives to webpages and added CSS, Javascript etc.

Looking out for a New Job

I'm looking out for a new job. This definitely is one of the problems about which i have written below, but this is the least of my worries actually. Anyways if any of you can help me out by referrals or can point me out any openings, it would be greatly appreciated.

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I am currently working as a Software Developer in Epsilon Interactive in their Product R & D unit and have held this position for a year now.

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Thanks again.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Explained Absence

Why no posts till now?

Well I'll just say that from May 2008, my life was turned upside down. Then shaken around... made to go into super fast spirals and I was made to endure mental and financial torture. This story would probably make a great daily soap or episodic series.

Life is still upside down but it has been like this for more than 2 and half months now so I guess I'm getting used to it.....

What happened need not be told as most of my close friends know already I dont think making it public will make things better.

May 17th : - The biggest shakeup
June 17th : - Shit adds up. I think the my world is gonna end soon.
July 17th : - Just when things are looking up a bit, the ghosts of May17th come back to haunt me
August 17th : - Freedom ???? (Please GOD please..... ).

Friday, March 28, 2008

From Riches to Rags

Well now at least I can admit it. Around mid November last year, I received more than 25K ... (yeah 25,000) rupees into my account from some company via online transfer. Maybe it was a botched transfer ... the server was fucked... whatever... the bottom line was that I was richer by 25K. It was like a god send. God had gifted me for my good deeds... that too in CASH.

I had a choice, either to go to the bank and tell them that the money isn't mine or to keep it and put it to some "better" use. So I did what the average Indian youth would do. I kept it and never told a soul. (Except a few colleagues and my room mates).

Fast forward to yesterday...... I was peacefully withdrawing some cash from an ATM and the balance slip pops out. The bank had taken the money back.... In one go.... Without any information... without any notification.

There I was.... From having a comfortable bank balance to being almost bankrupt......

Man the world is crazy.... I did not use that money initially, hoping that someone will approach me so that I can return it... But when for weeks when there was no request... I started utilizing it.... (Who wouldn't do it) . Gave treats, lived comfortably for some weeks.... It was forced expenditure.... If I had known that they would take the money back... I would not have spent a dingle penny from it.....

AXIS bank sucks.... assholes... the worst part is I cant argue with them.... I cant tell them they didn't notify me.... They would point out that I never notified them when the extra cash arrived.......

March -- April sucks... Everything is in the dumps....

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Its been 2 long months

Well Its been almost two long months since i last posted some crap on Google's servers..... Can't believe its been so long... trips to hampi and gokarna happened...... Both were awesome. Then I was alone at home for more than a week... which was not bad actually. Apart from all this nothing much happened. I got a new joystick and 2 new games for my baby (PS3). I played the hell out of it when I was bored....

Meanwhile here are some pics from the Christmas trip to Goa.

Thats tanay, me and garg (left to right)

And here is one from the coorg trip after convocation: -

Thats Vijay, Rohit, nikhil and me..... Nikhil not behind the wheel for a change..... [:)]

This is something i found on the net.... UNIX people will like this one.

Recently, I discovered a karaoke bar in Bangalore called Opus. Great place..... People singing partying around... Its weird why there aren't many other places like this. The whole place is huge house which has been converted to a lounge bar / restaurant. I would kill for a house like that. Amazing singers and a good atmosphere.... nice way to spend Wednesday night.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Mad Mad World!

Since nothing great is happening in my life now... i don't have much to write about.... anyways if most of you are jobless like me then i recommend going through the "Mad Mad World" section in Times of India and IBN live..... They are absolutely hilarious........ Here is a nice one: -

Mr. Na Hoonna is a legendary singer in South Korea.... During his recent performance, he climbed the table on stage and "exposed" himself... Read the whole story here.

Yay....... South Koreans found a JIMBO......

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Monday, January 14, 2008

To Do

Love it when Monday is a holiday... Have hell lotta stuff to do......

1. My rooms a mess.... I have been sleeping in a mess since .... I don't remember the last time my bed was clean... Have to fix that tomorrow......

2. Service the old car...... I dunno how the car's holding up... but each part is vibrating... If i dont do this tomorrow ..... one day some resonance will happen and I'll be on the road with a steering wheel....

3. Buy some clothes.....

4. Clean the house..... Man cant look at the drawing room after a weekend.......

5. Remove the stupid trojans from my desktop.... Had a lot of people over.... a lot of pen drives tooo... Now my desktop is rebelling.... Some 20 million viruses have infected the system....